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Managed IT Support

Managed IT Support

Validity Ltd cover your entire end-to-end IT system for a fixed monthly cost per computer or laptop device. For this fee you get proactive, unlimited IT support, company-wide and centrally managed anti virus security and Windows updates. 

Our managed IT support service means you pay one fixed price, low cost per computer or laptop device and we cover every aspect of you IT system:

Proactive IT Support – Proactive, fixed price, unlimited support for issues and questions for any user or company owned device

Validity Ltd install its specialised software on all of your corporate devices. This allows us to monitor your devices forany issues and take remedial action to prevent it interfering with your business. It also enables us to centrally manage patching, installations and remote access, and we can often start looking at problems without even interrupting the end users. We won’t always need to remote into the computer – if we do then this is quick and easy, whether the user is located in a company office or working remotely.

Security – Validity include this as part of the price since we insist on the best security rolled out across our customer networks.

Validity Ltd is a partner with Bitdefender and we centrally manage your security from our advanced Bitdefender partner cloud console.

Proactive IT Support – our system constantly monitors for issues and notifies us if it finds anything.

Unlimited Support for issues and questions – your staff can simply contact us directly without the worry of running up a big bill.

Support for any user or customer owned device, as long as we approve it we will help support computers, laptops, mobiles, networks, phones, printers, routers, tablets, wifi – you name it we will support it.

Managed Windows patching – our system helps us ensure your devices are patched to close-up vulnerabilities and reduce bugs.

Managed Third Party patching – we put in place policies to update Adobe Flash, java, pdfs etc – no more “popups” – ‘an update is available please click here to install.’

Managed Backups – we make sure your local and offsite backups are running smoothly and capturing all information.

Reporting – we produce monthly reports on our performance as well as your system’s health.

We keep your business safe against evolving threats. New ransomware variants and other zero-day threats routinely bypass traditional AV/anti-malware security. Using advanced behavior-based technologies, Bitdefender detected 99% of unknown threats in independent trials run by reputed independent testing organisation, AV-Comparatives.

For very secure environments or security conscious customers we are able to provide additional layers of security such as Umbrella (DNS layer protection), Unified Security Gateways, Encryption and Single Sign.

The contract provides:

  • Proactive monitoring of your end to end system and Office 365 Managed Computer and Server – Windows Patches, Third Party Patches (Java, Adobe Flash, etc)
  • Managed Anti-Virus / Malware (weekly malware scans)
  • Computer and Server maintenance
  • IT Support – issues and problems – users contact us directly (Business hours – or agreed out of hours)
  • Managed Server backups monitored by Validity
  • Hardware support (under warranty hardware we will arrange for hardware swap out)
  • Third party software / products on a best effort basis agreed in advance
  • Monthly health report and activity report (what we are doing and the state of your system)
  • We provide the monitoring, anti-virus and anti-malware software
  • Network and Internet support + monitoring
  • Help with email setup on phones and remote access
  • Managed Backups
  • VoIP support (systems installed by validity)
  • Internet / Network support

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